Saturday, May 1, 2010

XOXO - I'm not Gossip Girl....

Items in this set:
Deetal Mini Wrap Dress by Supertrash, 78 GBP
Suede gladiator sandals, $595
Ribbon Tie Beaded Bracelets, $4.80

So I'm not Lauren, but I am a fashion goddess.  Truly.  Like, I was actually voted that in school.  Anyway, I love clothing/accessories/things that make me look shallow with a deep, intense passion.  So here I am, mooching on Lauren's blog and infiltrating it with my own personal brand of vodka (as Danny Ocean would say).  Anyway, back to the outfit.  I was searching for the perfect wrap dress.  I didn't find it.  I did however find this little number.  The jersey fabric and the loose draping can skim a variety of figures and will look great on anyone.  The color will pop against a tan, and for the pale people (pale people unite!), the dress will glow on you.  A skinny belt will cinch the waist and give you a figure (whether or not you have one).  Layers of faux pearl bracelets add a chic little component to a more casual outfit.  Ray-Ban sunglasses are classic, plus unlike other sunglasses, they actually have UV protection.  Go figure.  Splurge on gorgeous suede gladiators in a deep navy, which will keep the outfit from turning into beige wallpaper.  A cream-colored Balenciaga bag is timeless and extraordinarily usefull.  Top it off with cameo earrings ... voila!   Like to hear more from me?  Comment on this and tell me so!
--The Skinny Raspberry

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