Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here is my first tropical outfit!

Tropical Print Playsuit, $135
Pour La Victoire Tyra Laser Cut Wedge - Free Overnight Shipping on New...
John Lewis Samantha Floppy Hat, Straw, One size, 40 GBP
Womens's NEW ARRIVALS - accessories - Neon Lights Belt - Madewell1937, $32

So, so far my vacation has been fabulous! Today I went tubing and wake boarding! But sadly, while the boat was moving, my sunglasses slipped though the netting and plumbed to the bottom of the ocean :( so we went to a boutique on an island and they had horribly, tacky sunglasses, so I didn't get any. Even worst a about the boutique is that they had cute sun hats like the one above for over $200! Crazy right! I left the store with nothing to shade myself from the sun. Oh well, everything else has been great so I won't complain. :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am in the British Virgin Islands and am having a fantastic time! Keep an eye out on youtube because I am going to be adding a room/boat tour! I am having a fantastic time so far and am excited to start blogging about tropical fashion! The think that really excited me about these islands is that they have designers like Louis Vuitton selling with no tax!! Any way keep checking out my blog! 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Caribbean, Ahoy!

So I am going to vacation tomorrow, I am going down to the Caribbean. I'm super excited. I am bringing some pretty basic things- cover-ups, bikinis, and flip- flops. I have made some cool new things for the trip- 2 cover-ups. I will be taking pictures of them from the boat I'm going to be on. I will also be posting outfits of day for Caribbean weather and atmosphere. I'm excited to be giving you guys some tropical fashion advice!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Design of Mine

So Roxy is having a design your own bathing suit contest and sadly I can't enter because my Mac is not cooperating with the pixel size or something. So I wanted to show you guys what I designed using the app Paintbrush. Tell me what you think of my design. I call it the inverse bikini :)

New Shoes!!!

I got these new shoes today from Madewell. They are about 3 inch heels but you can't tell because of the platform for the ball of your foot. Also, the leather is great and comfortable. I love wearing them. Shoes like these are great for the summer because they are fun and exciting. They are also good for both formal and casual occasions. Shoes like this look good with almost everything- pants, shorts, dresses, and skirts. They work for everything (well not everything :p). If you are interested in buying these, they are made small so don't worry if you have to go up a size, I'm naturally a size 9 and I went up to a 10 for these shoes (there were no half sizes). Also, lucky me there were only size 9's on the rack and my mom and I were just about to        
leave the store when the sales girl came up to us and said, I found a size 10 on display! Lucky me :)

Here's the link if you have interest in these shoes:

I haven't been very good at this...

So, I have basically just been posting outfits thats I have been creating on Polyvore and I have been saying that, that is good enough but I have realized that this blogs needs a bit more 'talk' or personality. So I have remodeled the look of my blog and am going to change the way I post things as well. Change has come!
Here is a post that I want to talk about:
So a week ago my friend Rachel and I were shopping in New York and Rachel insisted that we stop at Berdorf's (how could we not!). We were looking around and I saw a dress in the Fendi section. It was beautiful! It had sequins on the bust area and then long, flowing white silk. It would have made the best prom dress. I got the smallest size there was (either size zero or size two). I was really excited to see great it looked when I came to a slight problem. The dress simply would not zip past a certain point of my back. The dress therefore wouldn't stay on. The dress was hopeless. Not even Rachel could fit into the dress and Rachel is completely model material. It had nothing to do with our body types it had to do with the fact that designer clothing is made for models- tall, slim models. We continued on and I tried on a Philip Lim dress with sequins and black fabric, not only was the dress heavy, but it was too big and draped awkwardly on me. As we continued the try dresses on we realized that there was no dress that fit perfectly because of the expensive fabric that hardly moved or the heaviness from all the stuff the designers pile on to the dresses. As an aspiring designer, I have realized that flexible clothes are the way to go, and before you ever release a garments, make sure it fits you first. Also, people, when trying on designer clothing- if a garment doesn't fit you, it doesn't mean you and too fat or too super skinny, it just means the designer was working too hard to make the garment look great on the model. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

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Rompers Galore

polka dot playsuit
45 GBP -
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let's get together rosy romper in blue
$35 -
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Rompers... a trend that have lasted from last summer to this summer. While rompers can be very hot, some rompers can be not so hot. One of my biggest tips for choosing and buying rompers is; NEVER BUY A ROMPER ONLINE unless you have tried it on in the store and know it is the right fit. Rompers can be very flattering once you find the right one, it shouldn't be too slouchy or too tight, it should just look right. This romper on Blake Lively looks perfect. It  57505177koonar_s5312009113119am.jpg
has a great waist line. It is a perfect combination of slouchy and fitting. Blake rocks this romper and this is the kind of romper you want to be going for your body. I have had multiple experiences with rompers. When I went shopping at Ralph Lauren Rugby, I found a romper that looked amazing but on me it looked horrible, then I went to Free People and found a romper that fit me perfectly. Also, rompers are becoming fun nightwear, just for the heads up. :) So go out and find your perfect fitting romper. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

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day by bellefashion featuring Acne tops

Hampstead MM
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