Monday, April 26, 2010

Items in this set:
New York Fashion Week: Project Runway Fall 2010
New York Fashion Week: Project Runway Fall 2010
New York Fashion Week: Project Runway Fall 2010
Project Runway: Seth Aaron Fall 2010 RTW

These were my favorite designs on the Project Runway season finale, the flowing gown is the one I mentioned in my last post that Emilio Sosa did and the other three are done by Seth Aaron Henderson, I personally would wear all three of these outfits any where. They are all so great. Again you can find more of the Project Runway pictures from the season 7 finale at
So, I just finish watching the season finale of Project Runway, and as all you know (if you don't know who won and you don't want me to spoil it for you, stop reading this post), the bottom three came down to Mila, Emilio, and Seth Aaron. Personally, Mila's designs were never my favorite but I was glad to see her in the top- she was definitely an interesting person to see during Fashion Week '10. I truly was glad about the out come, with Seth Aaron winning. I kept thinking, from day one, that Emilio would win- I was sure and hopeful he would win until he displayed his collection. I found his collection boring and all too similar. The problem with the runway is that while you want to make your outfits look presentable, wearable, and chic, you also want your pieces to be show stoppers, stunning, and something that really grabs everyone's attention, like art. Runway pieces are for show, though some can go into stores and a lot of runway designs do go into the store. You just have to watch out on how your pieces come across on the runway. I will give Emilio one thing, his last dress was a total show stopper- I loved it! Seth Aaron's pieces always grabbed my attention and kept me intrigued. So all in all the choice between Emilio and Seth Aaron was hard, but with what we saw on the runway, I couldn't agree more with the judges' final decision.
For all the designs from Project Runway from Fashion Week look at this link:

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Lace and organza pleated dress, $2,200
Fernando - Black, $925
18k Yellow Green Amethyst Briolet Peridot Bracelet 7.5 Inch: Jewelry, $1,790

This outfit is just fun. I love this dress- the fact that the dress has so much going on, means that we have to ease up on the shoes and the bag and the jewelry. I really can't stress enough to never over due an outfit! This outfit has a lot going on for it already, so just keep notice about what you are matching with what.

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erica statement bandeau dress, $350
Fragments: AZAARA Totally obsessing over these flower earrings; they..., $210

This is a great outfit for anyone. The outfit is great because the dress is quite elegant and graceful and then you add the rocker edge to it with the Alexander Wang's and the necklace. You can really up the look of a certain outfit with just a few simple changes like the shoes. I mean, it is great to have a beautiful flowing dress, but even better to be able to turn it into anything you want.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Items in this set:
Kain T-Shirt Pocket White, 99 EUR
Heart Pocket Skirt, $70
Pheonix espadrille wedges, $395
Drama Stone Buterfly Necklace

This is a cute Saturday afternoon outfit, perfect for shopping, going to the grocercy store, and walking your dog (a small dog of course). Complete your errands in style! 

Favorite Brands

My currents favorite brands are MadewellRalph Lauren Rugby, and Free People- all these brands differ from one another- Rugby is a twist of classic prep with the classic modern, Madewell is a more artsy, modern look, and Free People is a combination of vintage, bohemian, and modern. As a teenager, they are the perfect stores for all my fashion necessities. The current things that are very in right now are at these stores such as blazers, headbands, floral dresses, and more:
This here is an ALEXA DOESKIN WOOL JACKET from Rugby for $298.00, I strongly recommend it, it is a perfect summer look with the yellow. The blazer is sophisticated and young.
Western Royalty Dress
Here is a classic floral dress from Free People called Western Royalty Dress that costs $118.00, it is flirty and cute, so really keep a look out for floral dresses like this one because they are one of the hits of the summer and probably will continue into the fall. 

Madewell is a perfect place to find great necklaces that are very fun and modern, so I highly suggest that you go find the nearest Madewell near you and find that perfect necklace you have been looking for!

Lastly, headbands, J. Crew is a perfect place for headbands such as the Flower Cluster Headband, $22.50Flower cluster headband    this is a perfect summer head band and matches and floral dress. J. Crew is definitely a great store for summer shopping. 


So yesterday, I was shopping with my friends and we came upon a store, it was one of those store with all the crazy prom dresses. As we came into the store, we began to look around and one of my friends said, "Hey, look, Uggs," they weren't Uggs though. They had a very different feel to them, they we fake sheep skin and the bottoms of the so called 'Uggs' were completely different than the real things. The bad thing was they had the real logo. They were knock off Uggs! They were beyond tacky. So look out and don't buy false products or designer knock offs. The store also had Chanel and Burberry bathing suits and they were very obviously not designer. So always be on the look out for knock offs- don't purchase them, especially if they cost the same as the real deal. If you want something that looks like a certain designer, look for brands that sell things like the item you want. Don't buy a complete knock offs, claiming to be a brand its not.

First Post!

Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm here to be giving everyone fashion tips and advice, the best trends, the worst trends, and everything else! I'll be talking about designers and everything! So be excited, I am!