Monday, April 26, 2010

So, I just finish watching the season finale of Project Runway, and as all you know (if you don't know who won and you don't want me to spoil it for you, stop reading this post), the bottom three came down to Mila, Emilio, and Seth Aaron. Personally, Mila's designs were never my favorite but I was glad to see her in the top- she was definitely an interesting person to see during Fashion Week '10. I truly was glad about the out come, with Seth Aaron winning. I kept thinking, from day one, that Emilio would win- I was sure and hopeful he would win until he displayed his collection. I found his collection boring and all too similar. The problem with the runway is that while you want to make your outfits look presentable, wearable, and chic, you also want your pieces to be show stoppers, stunning, and something that really grabs everyone's attention, like art. Runway pieces are for show, though some can go into stores and a lot of runway designs do go into the store. You just have to watch out on how your pieces come across on the runway. I will give Emilio one thing, his last dress was a total show stopper- I loved it! Seth Aaron's pieces always grabbed my attention and kept me intrigued. So all in all the choice between Emilio and Seth Aaron was hard, but with what we saw on the runway, I couldn't agree more with the judges' final decision.
For all the designs from Project Runway from Fashion Week look at this link:

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