Sunday, April 25, 2010


So yesterday, I was shopping with my friends and we came upon a store, it was one of those store with all the crazy prom dresses. As we came into the store, we began to look around and one of my friends said, "Hey, look, Uggs," they weren't Uggs though. They had a very different feel to them, they we fake sheep skin and the bottoms of the so called 'Uggs' were completely different than the real things. The bad thing was they had the real logo. They were knock off Uggs! They were beyond tacky. So look out and don't buy false products or designer knock offs. The store also had Chanel and Burberry bathing suits and they were very obviously not designer. So always be on the look out for knock offs- don't purchase them, especially if they cost the same as the real deal. If you want something that looks like a certain designer, look for brands that sell things like the item you want. Don't buy a complete knock offs, claiming to be a brand its not.

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  1. Cool blog! You are really talented at putting together outfits!