Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Shoes!!!

I got these new shoes today from Madewell. They are about 3 inch heels but you can't tell because of the platform for the ball of your foot. Also, the leather is great and comfortable. I love wearing them. Shoes like these are great for the summer because they are fun and exciting. They are also good for both formal and casual occasions. Shoes like this look good with almost everything- pants, shorts, dresses, and skirts. They work for everything (well not everything :p). If you are interested in buying these, they are made small so don't worry if you have to go up a size, I'm naturally a size 9 and I went up to a 10 for these shoes (there were no half sizes). Also, lucky me there were only size 9's on the rack and my mom and I were just about to        
leave the store when the sales girl came up to us and said, I found a size 10 on display! Lucky me :)

Here's the link if you have interest in these shoes:


  1. I love these! I want the same kind of shoes! :)

  2. those shoes are awesome!!! & they look super comfy too :D