Monday, June 7, 2010

Rompers Galore

polka dot playsuit
45 GBP -
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let's get together rosy romper in blue
$35 -
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Rompers... a trend that have lasted from last summer to this summer. While rompers can be very hot, some rompers can be not so hot. One of my biggest tips for choosing and buying rompers is; NEVER BUY A ROMPER ONLINE unless you have tried it on in the store and know it is the right fit. Rompers can be very flattering once you find the right one, it shouldn't be too slouchy or too tight, it should just look right. This romper on Blake Lively looks perfect. It  57505177koonar_s5312009113119am.jpg
has a great waist line. It is a perfect combination of slouchy and fitting. Blake rocks this romper and this is the kind of romper you want to be going for your body. I have had multiple experiences with rompers. When I went shopping at Ralph Lauren Rugby, I found a romper that looked amazing but on me it looked horrible, then I went to Free People and found a romper that fit me perfectly. Also, rompers are becoming fun nightwear, just for the heads up. :) So go out and find your perfect fitting romper. 

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