Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I haven't been very good at this...

So, I have basically just been posting outfits thats I have been creating on Polyvore and I have been saying that, that is good enough but I have realized that this blogs needs a bit more 'talk' or personality. So I have remodeled the look of my blog and am going to change the way I post things as well. Change has come!
Here is a post that I want to talk about:
So a week ago my friend Rachel and I were shopping in New York and Rachel insisted that we stop at Berdorf's (how could we not!). We were looking around and I saw a dress in the Fendi section. It was beautiful! It had sequins on the bust area and then long, flowing white silk. It would have made the best prom dress. I got the smallest size there was (either size zero or size two). I was really excited to see great it looked when I came to a slight problem. The dress simply would not zip past a certain point of my back. The dress therefore wouldn't stay on. The dress was hopeless. Not even Rachel could fit into the dress and Rachel is completely model material. It had nothing to do with our body types it had to do with the fact that designer clothing is made for models- tall, slim models. We continued on and I tried on a Philip Lim dress with sequins and black fabric, not only was the dress heavy, but it was too big and draped awkwardly on me. As we continued the try dresses on we realized that there was no dress that fit perfectly because of the expensive fabric that hardly moved or the heaviness from all the stuff the designers pile on to the dresses. As an aspiring designer, I have realized that flexible clothes are the way to go, and before you ever release a garments, make sure it fits you first. Also, people, when trying on designer clothing- if a garment doesn't fit you, it doesn't mean you and too fat or too super skinny, it just means the designer was working too hard to make the garment look great on the model. :)

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  1. Model Material says thanks for the compliment ;)

    Loving the new blog!

    --Rachel (the name is for my blog)